About Nunes-Ueno Consulting

Paulo Nunes-Ueno


Paulo Nunes-Ueno is a sustainable mobility innovator. He has the honor of serving as the transportation and land-use policy lead for Front and Centered a coalition of organizations of people of color working towards climate justice. Nunes-Ueno Consulting integrates parking, transit, biking, and walking to create equity, sustainability, and cost savings.


As the director of transportation and sustainability for Seattle Children’s Hospital, Paulo created a seamless transportation program that prices parking dynamically and facilitates the use of the whole gamut of transportation options. Parking gates are tied into an online system that reflects usage back to customers and allows them to track trips in other modes creating a gamified experience that makes commuting fun and rewarding. At the Seattle Department of Transportation, Paulo launched the Transit and Mobility Division. This group unites the city’s transit portfolio under one management structure, including its streetcar network, on-street and off-street parking management programs, bikeshare, and TDM programs.


Through Paulo’s leadership, the division brought focus and strategic management to support the mayor’s vision of a vibrant and connected city.


As a consultant, Paulo has led key strategic engagements throughout the country including projects at Princeton University, Memphis Area Transit Authority, University of California Davis, UC Davis Health Systems, Oregon Health Sciences University, The Memphis Medical District Collaborative, the Starbucks Corporate Campus, Amazon Headquarters and others.