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Nunes-Ueno Consulting

Equity, Sustainability, and Cost Savings

Who We Are

Transportation planning for sustainability


Nunes-Ueno works across the country and around the world to help some of the most innovative organizations, cities, and transit agencies improve their transportation smarts.


Transportation Demand Management
Parking Strategy
Transit Planning
Fleet Optimization
Fleet Electrification
Commute Benefits Strategy
Technology Integration
Pedestrian, Bike Planning
Community Engagement
Impact Mitigation Strategy


“We needed an outside expert to bring experience from other institutions, other campuses. Paulo has a great playful nature, and [is] a creative problem solver that is already showing benefits for us as we tackle these entrenched, difficult problems. He's really helped bring us tools to start to look and forecast what it will mean once we have made those investments and how that can help OSU."

Meredith Williams, Director of Transportation Oregon State University

"To have consultants come in and ask us what is is we want to do, where it is we'd like to go, give us the opportunity to put together a transit advisory council, and get input from students and staff as well as administrators -- to have them look and see what it's like to design transit, how difficult it can be at times, is really awesome. Because it gives us the opportunity to rethink how we are doing things and make the choices that are best for the institution."

Kim Jackson, Director of Transportation and Parking Princeton University



Transit Agencies
Albuquerque, NM
Williamsburg, VA

Memphis, TN


Princeton University 

University of California Davis 

Oregon State University

Oregon Health Sciences University




Spectrum Development Solutions 



Allina Health 

Front and Centered 

Innovate Memphis

World Bank

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