Princeton University

Campus Mobility Framework

Transit redesign

Ped/Bike network

Shared mobility policy

Bus electrification

Campus mobility principles

Oregon Health Sciences University


Support campus development

Provide dynamic user-friendly transportation

Reduce pollution and parking impacts

Oregon State University

2030 Sustainable Transportation Plan

Reduce parking demand

Set investments for transit, ped/bike

Goal to cut greenhouse gas by 25%

Award-winning public engagement

Innovate Memphis

Memphis 3.0 Transit Vision

Redesigned city's bus network

39% more jobs reachable in an hour

Partnership with Jarrett Walker and Associate

World Bank

São Paulo, Mexico City TDM Pilots

Employer-based TDM pilot in Mexico City and São Paulo

Public/Private effort to curb congestion and pollution


Seattle Children's Hospital

Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Integrated parking, shuttles, incentives

First Luum application

Livable Streets Initiative

Reduced SOV by 25%

Reached 20-year in just 10 years

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